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Letter from

President Emmanuel Macron

to Marie Bardot

"Dear Madame, 


I received your kind letter of congratulations and the CD with songs from your musical comedy, “Gold and Autism”. My spouse and I send our sincerest thanks. 


The strength of your testimony, your unwavering enthusiasm despite the trials you have faced, the everlasting maternal love you have for your daughter Lily, are a few of countless examples for everyone engaged in the fight for the wellbeing of handicapped children and their full inclusion in our society. 


As you underlined, my wife and I consider the position of the handicapped to be of utmost importance. 


This is why I have shared your educational project with the secretary of state charged with the welfare of the handicapped, Madame Sophie CLUZEL. 


Please accept my sincerest wishes and respects. 

Emmanuel MACRON"

Letter from

Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of state for disabled people 

to Marie Bardot

"Dear Madame, 


I am writing to tell you that on July 5th, 2017 I received your letter pertaining to your request for financial support. 


It was with great interest that I studied your proposal and I am asking Mr. Patrice FONDIN, counselor of education, for training and higher education staff at the center of the cabinet to study said proposal. 

Mr. Patrice FONDIN will communicate directly with you about this project. 


Kind regards, 


Sophie CLUZEL"

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